CO2 Detector

Use A CO2 Detector For Your Family’s Protection

Most people are unaware of a very hazardous gas that can wreck havoc in their home. This lethal gas is called carbon monoxide and is also known as “silent killer”. You won’t know of its presence in your room because you can’t see it and it has no smell nor taste. But this gas can’t escape the sensors of a CO2 detector. The terrible statistics of carbon monoxide poisoning is enough reason for you to install this helpful instrument in your household.

According to a recent study, only about 27% of American household have a monoxide alarm installed in their house. If people only knew that every year, carbon monoxide poisoning is responsible for 2,100 accidental deaths and 20,000 calls for emergency, then they would readily buy and use CO2 alarms in their homes.

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If you live in a modern house, you surely must be using modern appliances such as a gas oven, clothes dryer, barbecue grills, water heaters or even a generator. You surely must have a car or even two. These appliances are potential producer s of carbon monoxide. Since you cannot see, smell or even taste this gas, you won’t know of its growing presence. If the gas reaches a dangerous level, you will just be rendered unconscious and you know what will happen next. That’s why you need a monoxide alarm. It is your eyes and ears for this deadly gas.

The operation of a CO2 detector is really very simple. Typically, the alarm uses a sensor that will sound an alarm if this gas is detected in the room. This will give you enough time to inspect the possible appliance where it is coming from and shut it down before the gas rises up to a dangerous level. From this basic function, manufacturers have now come up with various models that are more convenient to use with additional advantageous features.

The latest models of monoxide detectors feature voice recordings like “Warning! Carbon Monoxide!” It is now normal to find units with digital readings indicating the actual presence of CO2. This makes it easier to track the presence of this deadly gas. Other units have Peak Level Memory where you are warned about the highest reading of carbon monoxide. It now only depends upon your preference since these products are relatively inexpensive if you value the protection it can give to your family.

Due the high statistical rate of accidental poisoning deaths, authorities strongly recommend for every home to have a CO2 detector. In fact, they are suggesting that every level of the home must have one unit installed. However, if you can only afford just one, then you should install your single monoxide alarm in a place nearest to your bedroom. It should be installed 15 feet away from any appliance that uses fuel. The alarm must also be placed where there is not much movement of air, therefore it should not be placed near windows and doors. You must also be sure that it is working all the time by checking the alarm once a month. Regularly clean the dust off the unit as well because dirt might impede its capacity to detect properly.