Importance of Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning has become one of the national health threats in America. It spares no one and virtually, everybody is vulnerable to it. Children, pregnant women, and older adults are the ones that are at most risk of CO poisoning. In fact, the damage that CO poisoning inflicts costs America more than $8.8 billion a year. Even though many Americans are now aware of it, still, only a quarter of American homes have carbon monoxide alarms.

Installing CO alarms in your home will be beneficial both to your family and to your country. If every American home has at least two CO alarms, CO poisoning cases will decrease dramatically and America will save over $8 billion annually.

CO is very hard to detect and the safest and easiest way to warn you and your family of possible CO danger is through a monoxide alarm. You'll just have to cash out around $40-$70 per unit and your protection from CO poisoning will be guaranteed. For extra protection install carbon monoxide alarms on each level of your home. If you can only buy one CO alarm, its best to install it near your main sleeping area. Definitely you can get a good night's rest without worrying about CO poisoning.

A number of CO poisoning cases occur during power outages and brownouts. Professionals recommend installing carbon monoxide alarms with a battery back-up to make sure that it will still measure and detect unsafe levels of CO even during power outages. You should also check the warning system of your alarm unit. It is best to install a CO detector equipped with a voice warning system which specifies what type of alarm it is detecting, whether it is a CO danger or just a low-battery alarm.

Some units have a feature called 'peak-level memory'. This feature enables the alarm to store previous readings. Even if you're outside of the house or away from home, you will still know if the alarm has detected unsafe levels of CO. Though having CO alarms in your home will give you protection from CO poisoning, you still need to use your fuel burning appliances properly and maintain them regularly.