Kidde KN-COSM-XTR-B Intelligent Alarm, Combination Carbon Monoxide, Fire And Smoke

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Kidde KN-COSM-XTR-B Intelligent Alarm, Combination Carbon Monoxide, Fire And Smoke 

Product Description

This dual-function alarm will enable you to quickly respond to fast-flaming and smoldering fires. It will also protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning as well as reduce the chances of nuisance alarms significantly. You will be warned by its Intelligent Alarm with voice alerts that declares “Warning Carbon Monoxide” or “Fire! Fire!” This device combines an electrochemical sensor with an ionization smoke sensor with a communication interface between the two. This device is called an Intelligent Alarm because when either of these sensors detects a potential hazard, they will communicate with each other. The unit will adjust its smoke sensitivity depending on the existing hazard and determine whether the hazard is real or not. Continuous communication between these two detection sensors improves the effectiveness of the unit in all fire situations. This also lessens the chances for false alarms.

The electrochemical sensor will detect the presence of carbon monoxide, while the ionization smoke sensor will detect the smaller, less visible fire particles. This is quite advantageous to the user because carbon monoxide is always present in all fires, whether big or small. This multi-function alarm reduces the need for the installation of separate alarms for fire and carbon monoxide detector.


Combination Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
This alarm combines fire detection and carbon monoxide detection for your maximum protection. An ionization smoke sensor will detect smoke from fast flaming fires while the carbon monoxide detector will alert you of the presence of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Intelligent Alarm
This device assures you of the constant monitoring of potential hazards in your home. When either of the sensors detects danger, it will communicate with the other sensor. The sensors will adjust their smoke sensitivity according to the type and level of the hazard and will judge if the danger is real or not.

Voice Alarm
Clear voice warning is heard when hazard is detected. For fire, the alarm will send out “Fire! Fire!” If carbon monoxide is detected, the alarm announces: “Warning Carbon Monoxide”. This is very useful especially at night when the family is sleeping and the alarm has detected fire or the presence of carbon monoxide.

9-volt Battery Power
Continuous operation and protection for the family is assured because the alarm is powered by a 9-volt battery.
Test Reset Button
Test reset button is provided for testing of the alarm circuitry. Two LEDs, one green and one red, are provided.

Low Battery Warning
When battery power is low, the device announces “Low Battery” and then activates a chirping sound and flashes the red LED.

What’s In The Box
The package contains one unit of KN-COSM-XTR_B Intelligent Alarm, with mounting bracket and hardware, 9-volt battery and a user manual.

Our Opinion

This is an effective combination of fire and carbon monoxide alarm that will give optimum protection for the home and the family. You only need to install one device to protect you from these two hazards. This device is manufactured by UTC Fire & Security Brand, the world’s largest maker of fire safety products.


Part No: 21997450
Color: White
Batteries Required: Yes, one 9-volt
Length: 2.08 inches
Width: 8 inches
Height: 11.25 inches

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