Kidde P19000 Battery-Operated Dual Ionization and Photoelectric Sensor Smoke Alarm 

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 Kidde P19000 Battery-Operated Dual Ionization and Photoelectric Sensor Smoke Alarm

Product Description

This product will protect your home against flaming and smoldering fires. Flaming fires are from flammable materials while smoldering fires are those from smoking materials such as unattended cigarettes. Your home needs protection from both types of dangers, as per the advice of several Fire authorities and experts. Kidde P19000 Battery-Operated Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm protects you from both types of fires because it combines photoelectric and ionization sensing technologies. The Photoelectric sensor will trigger the alarm if visible and larger fire particles are detected while the ionization smoke sensors will activate the alarm if smaller and less visible fire particles are present. Both these sensors have passed the standards set by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 217.

The unit has a test feature and an LED indicator which allow you to see if the alarm is working. Periodically testing the alarm’s horn and circuitry is possible by pushing the test/reset button. To silence nuisance alarms, the device has its trademarked Hush feature. When the Hush button is pushed, a chirping sound is heard every 30 to 40 seconds. The alarm will be reset after seven minutes.

This dual sensor alarm is powered by a 9-volt battery to provide you with continuous operation and protection. For safety purposes, there is also a low battery power warning which chirps every 30 to 40 seconds. The warning goes on for seven days until you change the battery.


Dual-Sensor Technology for Improved Protection
The double sensors will protect your home from less visible as well as visible fires. The ionization sensor will protect you from visible, fast flaming fires like flammable liquids and cooking related fires. The photoelectric sensors will protect you from less visible and smaller fires caused by cigarettes and the like.

Trademarked Hush Feature
This feature allows you to silence the alarm for seven minutes. This is useful if you encounter nuisance alarms. The unit will chirp every 30 to 40 seconds. This Hush feature is overridden if the smoke is very dense therefore the alarm will still sound. After seven minutes, the alarm will automatically reset itself.

LED Indicator
An LED light flashes every 30 to 40 seconds to indicate that the unit is functioning.

Test/Reset Button 
The unit comes with a test/reset button that allows you to periodically test if the alarm’s circuit and horn is properly functioning.

9-volt Battery Power
This dual sensor is powered by a 9-volt battery for continuous operation and protection. There is also a low battery warning where chirping sound will be heard every 30 to 40 seconds for seven days, until you replace the battery.

UL Listed
This unit has passed the standards of Underwriters Laboratories and carries a warranty of 10 years.

What’s In The Box
Dual-Sensor smoke alarm, with mounting brackets and hardware, 9-volt battery, 10-year limited warranty and bilingual user’s manual.

Our Opinion

This dual-sensor alarm will definitely protect your home from all types of fires. Whatever the cause of the fire, and wherever it comes from, you are sure to be alerted before it gets to be unmanageable. This unit is made by UTC Fire & Security Brand, a renowned leader in the manufacture of systems and devices for fire detection and suppression.


Part No: 44200702
Color: White
Batteries Required: Yes, on 9-volt
Length: 1.75 inches
Width: 11 inches
Height: 7.25 inches

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