Modern Types Of Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Today, there are many models of carbon monoxide alarms available in the market that use advanced technology. You have more effective ways of protecting yourself and your family than the previous alarms can offer. The older alarms emit beeps and chirps when the sensor detects the presence of carbon monoxide in the air. Now, we have digital units and voice warnings that tell you of this danger in your environment.

The system of the modern alarms is basically the same as that of the older models. They also use sensors that detect carbon monoxide. However, the latest models utilize the latest advances in digital technology for the efficient operation of the alarm. Some of the latest models use electrochemical sensors because they are more stable during temperature changes and will not easily react to common chemicals that used to trigger conventional models.

Most of the latest carbon monoxide alarms have digital display. These detectors have a clear digital screen where you can see the actual level of carbon monoxide detected in your place. It also updates this reading every 15 seconds. You will also be alerted by their voice warning instead of just a beeping or a chirping sound. The voice warning will clearly tell you what types of gas are present. Some modern units combine the beeps or chirps with voice warning so you will have optimum protection.

There is a model that will alert you if the alarm is nearing the end of its life. It would really be very re-assuring to know that your detector is already losing its ability to detect carbon monoxide because you will know exactly when to replace them. This is really a great advantage over other carbon monoxide alarms. You would not want an alarm which you think is going to alert you when in reality it cannot detect carbon monoxide anymore. You have to be sure that your detector is working all the time.

In this regard, the authorities recommend that you check your CO detector at least once a month to see if they are still properly working. You also need to clean them of dirt and grime because dust can interfere in the efficient operation of the alarm.